A Perfect Glow. Everytime.

Classic Tan

$85 • Includes PH Balance Prep

A beautifully airbrushed light to deep express tan. This tan gives you that classic beach bronzed look. You may shower 1-6 hours after the airbrush treatment depending on desired depth of color. The sooner you shower off, the lighter the color, while leaving on longer promotes the darker shades of a golden bronzed tan.

10% Discount for a group of 3+  

15% Discount for a group of 5+ 

Classic Tan Monthly Package

4 Tans - Save 15% • 6 Tans - Save 20%

Includes PH Balance Prep • Good for One Year!

Get our monthly subscription on our Classic Tan and save!


Custom Blended Tan

$110 + 1 boost • Includes PH Balance Prep

$115 + 2 boosts • Includes PH Balance Prep

$120 + 3 boosts • Includes PH Balance Prep

$125 + 4 boosts • Includes PH Balance Prep

$135 + 1 boost + CBD • Includes PH Balance Prep

This tan is specifically blended for you, depending on your skin’s undertones, olive or violet, and for a perfect application, includes a skin prep with PH balancing Spray. The Custom blended tan is certified Vegan by PETA, has natural and organic ingredients and offers a variety of boosts handpicked by you in coordination with your pro.

10% Discount for a group of 3+  

15% Discount for a group of 5+

Custom Blended Diamond Package

4 Tans - Save 15% • 6 Tans - Save 20%

Includes PH Balance Prep & 1 Boost • Good for One Year!

Look your best for your social engagements – photos, beach or boat day, pool party, gala or vacation!

Bronze My Buns Boosts

Choose Your Boost:

Golden Shimmer: Provides a gorgeous golden glowing effect to the skin.

Opalescent: Provides a soft glow to the skin without the golden tone.

DHA Booster: Enhances intensity and depth of tan by 50% aiding to customize and achieve the perfect shade.

Orange Ginger: Naturally derived and provides a scent to tan.

Skin Firming Drops: A cutting edge formula designed to tone and tighten the skin to provide a smoother and firmer skin appearance. Contains caffeine extract, glycerin and maltodextrin.

Anti-Aging: Aids in both the prevention and reduction of skin’s aging process by tightening wrinkles and giving a youthful refreshing look. Contains Pisum Sativum and Niacinamide.



Our seamless online booking system makes it easy to book your tan online!

Clients: When booking with us, please select your appointment according to the zip code where you are residing, unless you are requesting a specific Bronze My Buns airbrush pro by his/her name.

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A $20 fee will be charged for all appointments scheduled "after hours" 7:00pm or later. This is a $20 single fee applies to an individual appointment or covers groups of 2 or more.